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Laurus Summer Day Camp is all about the experience. At camp we want our campers to experience educational, unique, and fun activities that cater to their developmental needs. From teaching them skills in the Sports, Academics and Art areas, we also expose our campers to mentors and local heroes to spark curiousity and determination. We promote healthy child development and active living through a fun and safe camp environment.


Counsellors not only care for their campers, they mentor them. With our unique camp philosophy, every child is given the opportunity to excel in their area of choice, set personal goals and achieve them. Every counsellor is trained in safety procedures, acquires a CPR/AED certificate, and completes a police check before they are eligible to begin working at Laurus. We take the safety of your child very seriously and would never compromise that!

CAMP 2018

For those of you interested in registering for the Laurus Camp experience, REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Our SUMMER camp programs begins JUNE 25th and ends AUGUST 24th, 2018, that is NINE WEEKS of SUMMER DAY CAMP fun! Our MARCH BREAK Camp is from MARCH 5th to 9th and MARCH 12th - 16th, 2018! Hope to see you all soon and never hesitate to reach out to us, our contact information is below, you can also chat with us live! See you in 2018 #LaurusFamily

Laurus Camper with Cupcake on nose

Top 10 Activities for Laval Families

Welcome to our Laval Blog! Here, we we will create relevant and interesting content for our Laval Families and Crew! If ever you have questions or concerns, never hesitate to reach out to us!  Last year we had some fantastic campers and counsellors that travelled from Laval to Laurus Summer Camp in downtown Montreal. We […]