Halloween is a very exciting time of year as a child, and their blissful ignorance as to how much work goes into their perfect costume is absolutely endearing! However, we are fully aware that if you are a working parent, your days are jam packed with responsibilities and obligations, which makes this spooky holiday an absolute nightmare. Now, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you have not yet found the time to visit a Halloween store, and have just now come to the realization that your child has grown 6 inches and no longer fits into last year’s costume, you might be stewing in some pretty hot water (bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…)

That being said, there is no need to panic! We have compiled a list of our favourite DIY costumes that can be thrown together with some basic household items. If it is not in your house, we promise that it won’t be more than one or two easy to find items at Walmart!


Child dressed as a minion with basic materials

Were you thinking that DIY automatically meant uncool? We would never let that happen! Here is a super simple and trendy costume that requires nothing more than:

  1. A yellow shirt/hoodie
  2. A yellow tuque/hat
  3. Blue jean overalls (These have many purposes, we promise)
  4. A pair of black shoes/boots
  5. Goggles

BONUS TIP: If you want to take this costume to the next level, we recommend grabbing some yellow body paint and really going all out!

INSTRUCTIONS: You can make goggles out of two mason jar lids and connect them together with black pipe cleaner!


Little bandit robber and materials

All we will say about this one is; If this little bandit walked in to our offices, we would definitely take her seriously! Here’s what you’ll need to achieve this adorable look:

  1. A black and white striped shirt
  2. A pair of black pants
  3. A black tuque
  4. A black mask: Which you can make out of black felt and string, or just paint it on!
  5. A money bag: Which you can make by finding a tote bag and drawing a $ sign on it with a sharpie.

BONUS TIP: Putting little black gloves on your child’s hands helps them look and feel extra sneaky!


Brother and sister scuba diver costume

Can you hear the baby sharks singing? We certainly can! This super creative and original costume is sure to send your child out the door feeling like an adventurer! This is what you will need:

  1. A black outfit (A black ski mask is a nice touch for extra cuteness and warmth!)
  2. Swimming goggles
  3. A snorkel
  4. Flippers
  5. Two 2L soda bottles

INSTRUCTIONS: Paint your 2L bottles (any color of your choice), tape the two bottles together using various coloured duct tapes and strap them to your child’s back with some string.

Flippers can be made by cutting a piece of felt or foam into a flipper and securing it to your child’s foot.


Girl holding an umbrella decorated as a jellyfish

Keeping with the underwater aquatic theme, we thought we would throw this one your way! It’s perfect for our typical rainy Halloween evenings. The items needed to achieve this look are below:

  1. Any outfit of your child’s choice, the more flow the better!
  2. A clear umbrella
  3. Some streamer strings and some tissue papers
  4. Clear tape
  5. Big eyes

BONUS TIP: If you really want to light up the night, you can stick some LED lights of any color inside the umbrella and let them dangle with the streamers! You’ll make everyone super jelly with your extra shine!

INSTRUCTIONS: Tape various lengths of streamers and tissue to the inside of your clear umbrella using clear tape.

Make big eyes using black and white construction paper or felt, and tape them to the front of your umbrella.


Boy in field dressed as scarecrow

This has to be one of the most adorable costumes yet! Although this may require a couple of store-bought items, we promise that the cuteness overload will make up for it! Here is what you will need:

  1. Blue jean overalls
  2. A plaid shirt
  3. A straw hat
  4. Little fabric patches to hot glue or sew on to the overalls
  5. Some face paint (for the nose and mouth)

BONUS TIP: If you would like to add the loose straw hanging out of your child’s clothing, we recommend grabbing two hula skirts from the costume store and chopping them up! This will definitely add to the overall look.


Young girl dressed in cupcake costume

Do you feel your sweet tooth aching? We certainly do! This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive costumes in our list, but we’re willing to bet that it is one of the sweetest! All you will need is:

  1. A white shirt
  2. Pompoms of various sizes and colours
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. A pink fluffy skirt
  5. Headband

BONUS TIP:  Gluing a BIG red pompom to one of your child’s old headbands or having them wear a tuque with a red pompom will add the “cherry on top” to your look!

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a skirt by buying tulle and scrunching around an elastic waistband fitted to your child’s waist (or buy a pink tutu, your secret is safe with us).

Glue pompoms to your child’s white shirt.

Glue a big red pompom to a headband and put it in your child’s hair. Voila!


Girl in a pink flamingo suit with items needed

Want to be as fabulous as this beautiful pink flamingo? It’s easier than counting to three! In fact, all you will need are these three items:

  1. Pink boas (5 or 6)
  2. Ribbon
  3. Felt to make the flamingo face (Pink, magenta, and black)

INSTRUCTIONS: Measure a ribbon to your child’s waist size, cut each boa in half and tie them to the ribbon. This will create a very full looking skirt.

Then, make the flamingo’s face with your different coloured felt and attach it to one of the boas tail end using a safety pin.

Have your child wear their favourite pink outfit and throw on a tiara for an extra touch of sparkle!


Man in the yellow hat and materials

We’re kicking it old school with this costume, which makes this one an oldie but a (literal) Goldie. Quit monkeying around and take note of what you will need for this costume:

  1. A pair of yellow pants
  2. Any yellow shirt
  3. A cool yellow tie
  4. Yellow hat
  5. A stuffed monkey

INSTRUCTIONS: Tie a black band around your yellow hat and draw yellow polka dots on the tie!


Boy dressed in bubble bath costume with materials

What better way to promote hygiene than with this costume? Easy to make and a 10/10 on the cuteness scale. Your required materials are the following:

  1. A white outfit
  2. A headband
  3. Balloons (clear, white, and pink)
  4. A rubber ducky
  5. Safety pins

BONUS TIP: Have your child wear a shower cap, hold an empty mini shampoo bottle and a loofah for added cleanliness!

INSTRUCTIONS: Blow up your balloons, safety pin the balloons to your child’s shirt, and stick them to your child’s headband.

Have your child hold their rubber ducky or tape it to a balloon.


Mario and Luigi with costume materials

We encourage sibling love as much as possible, and what better way to do that then to have matching costumes! Remember when we said that those blue jean overalls would come in handy? We meant it! Here’s what you will need:

  1. Blue jean overalls
  2. A red or green undershirt
  3. A red or green baseball cap
  4. Yellow felt
  5. White gloves

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut circles out of your yellow felt and draw four little dots to make it look like threading, safety pin it to your child’s overalls.

Take a white piece of paper, cut it into a circle, and either draw an “L” or an “M” with a marker, or cut it out inside your circle. Stick it to your child’s hat.

(Psst, if you’re looking for some epic family costumes, check out our Montreal blog post from last week here!)


We hope that you were able to draw some inspiration from our list, and that you have a happy and safe Halloween! For some additional Halloween Safety Tips & Tricks, check out our blog post from last week!

That’s all for this week! Did you have a favourite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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