Halloween is a fun and exciting time of the year for kids and adults alike! It’s definitely an activity that many look forward to in the fall, but not the only one. If you haven’t yet, click here to check out our recommendations on fun fall family activities. On this spooky holiday, kids get to stay up late, dress up as their favorite characters and eat lots and lots of candy. No wonder they get so excited! As parents, it’s our duty to make sure our little goblins stay safe but we need to be careful to not disturb the fun!

This being said, we’ve put together some tips and tricks that will allow you and your family to have a safe and happy Halloween!

October = Halloween Build Up: 

October 31st might be the day we go trick or treating, but parents know that Halloween actually starts at least a couple of weeks before that. Your kids look forward to the day they get to be whoever they want to be and sometimes they can have very specific requests. Other times, they can’t decide and we’re stuck looking for some last minute costumes (see our Laurus Montreal Blog post to find some family costume ideas). Once you’ve chosen the costumes, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pre-Halloween Safety Tips: 

Halloween Safety Tip # 1 – Non-Toxic Paint: If costumes involve face painting, make sure to buy non-toxic make-up and don’t forget to test it out on a small part of skin before applying – you really want to avoid an allergic reaction on the spookiest night of the year (or any other night for that matter).

Halloween Safety Tip # 2 – Open Flames: Beware! Many Halloween decorations involve candles and open flames, and some of the fabrics used for Halloween costumes may be flammable. If this is the case for your child’s costume, make sure they are aware of the situation and are extra cautious when trick or treating. To avoid the risk in general, opt for a costume that hugs the body or is made of flame resistant material and avoid cotton and rayon, which burn easily. On the same note, try opting for battery-operated decorations yourself, to protect your kids and others!

Halloween Safety Tip # 3 – Clothes That Fit: Finding the right costume is stressful enough, but on top of that we need to be assured it’s the right size! Going trick or treating with costumes and shoes that are too big or too small can be a safety hazard. On such a dynamic night, it’s important that your child has a full range of motion and that you avoid trips or falls. Wear a fitted costume and avoid very long, trip-inducing capes!

Halloween Safety Tip #4 – Contact Information: We recommend you add your phone number or address to your child’s costume! This is a night where a lot is happening and there is lots of movement on the streets. It’s very easy to leave an element behind. To avoid a total crisis when someone misplaces their pirate hat, it’s a small step that might save you a lot of trouble!

Halloween Safety Tip #5 – Fit In: Finally, whether your accompanying the children while they trick or treat or you’re staying at home to hand out candy, wear a costume! It doesn’t matter if it’s not too elaborate or if it’s the best costume on the block, it will make everyone’s experience way more fun!

Halloween Night Safety Tips: 

This is it, after lots of preparation the day is finally here! And even though all your kids want to do is get out there and start trick or treating, this is when you need to step in as the responsible one and establish some rules – remember, safety first!

Halloween Safety Tip # 6 – Eat Dinner: If possible, before leaving the house it’s recommended you and your family eat a good meal. This way, it will be a little easier to resist the temptation of eating all your treats along the way, although eating a few is inevitable!

Halloween Safety Tip # 7 – Good Company: You should never allow kids to go trick or treating by themselves, they should always be accompanied by an adult. However, if your child is old enough that’s okay! No matter the case, make sure to go over basic safety rules before they leave. Be assured that kids going out with their friends will always be in groups of 4 or more and maintain constant communication with them!

Halloween Safety Tip # 8 – Light it up: Once out and about, it’s a great idea to carry a flashlight. Halloween wouldn’t be the same if the streets were filled with light, but this can really come in handy throughout the night.

Halloween Safety Tip # 9 – Take it Off: It’s also very important to take off your masks when crossing the streets and to follow the rules of the road.

Halloween Safety Tip # 10 – Stay on The Yellow Brick Road: Additionally, even though it might be tempting on a night like this, avoid shortcuts and strange allies – the fact that it’s Halloween doesn’t make it less dangerous!

Post Halloween Candy Rush Safety Tips: 

Okay. Trick or treating is finally done and everyone is home, you can take a breath. The kids are tired and they most likely have a sugar rush, but if you think this is where the night ends, you probably don’t remember last Halloween!

Halloween Safety Tip # 11 – Don’t Eat Immediately: One of the most exciting things about Halloween is going through all the candy, sorting it and comparing the night’s accomplishments with friends and siblings! It’s important you go through the candies with them, throw out homemade goods (unless you know the person that made them) and stick to factory wrapped goodies!

Halloween Safety Tip # 12 – You probably know this one: We also recommend that you don’t allow them to take all their candy to their room. It’s better if you keep it somewhere safe and administer it in more reasonable quantities yourself. We also have some creative ways to use leftover candy coming your way, so stay tuned!

There are many things to keep in mind for a night like Halloween. Just remember we have our children’s best interests at heart and don’t forget: Halloween is supposed to be fun for you too, so make the best of it!

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