Looking for some awesome Laval Family Activities this Fall 2018? Check out the Laurus Laval list of fun activities below!

Laval Family Activities! 

With summer finally behind us and fall in full swing, you might be looking for some fun things to do with your family to recharge, have quality family time, and make the most of this beautiful season. Here are some suggestions of ways to accomplish all of that!

Visit Centre de la Nature

Spanning 50 hectares, Centre de la Nature is the largest park in Laval and one of the most attractive urban parks in the Greater Montreal Area. Its stunning gardens are especially breathtaking in the fall, because of the magical appearance of the changing colours of leaves. It is a fantastic place for nature lovers or anyone looking to have a family picnic besieged by natural beauty. The park also offers a wide variety of family outdoor activities, including hiking and fishing!

Ride A Spaceship

The Cosmodome is home to one of five of the world’s space camps: Space Camp Canada! It is also home to the Space Science Centre. Here, you can enrol your children in a space camp and they will actually get the chance to ride a spaceship (but not to worry —it’s just a very lifelike simulation). If your have dreams of stepping into outer space someday, this is the place to be! The Codmodome’s space boot camp is unlike any you will find in the rest of Canada.

The rest of the Space Science Centre is also great for any visitors. It has a life-sized space shuttle on display and a real rock from the surface of the moon — one of only 5 in Canada!

Go skydiving indoors! (Source: flickr.com)

SkyVenture Montreal is an indoor skydiving centre in Laval. The centre houses a glass panelled wind tunnel that compresses air and releases winds ranging from 50 km/h to 300 km/h. This makes for an experience in which you actually float in the chamber, simulating the feeling of if you had jumped off a plane and were free-falling in the open atmosphere. Get your adrenaline pumping with this unique activity that can be enjoyed with friends, family, and children aged four and up. No previous flying experience is required. The only prerequisite? A sheer desire to defy the laws of gravity!

Go for a Vegetable Hunt at Sauriol Farm

Laval’s public markets are lots of fun, but how about picking up your produce right from the source? Sauriol Farm is a family owned, family-operated farm that has existed for four generations! The family invites you to come and have a fun adventure in nature while discovering its locally produced vegetables and fruits. From June to October you can visit the farm and pick fresh berries, tomatoes, eggplants, onions and sweet peppers.

While you’re there, you should totally check out the recipes they offer for meals and decadent desserts!

Get jumping!

iSaute was formerly a 7,000 square metre warehouse that has been entirely revamped into a massive trampoline centre. It is fun for everyone, and will give your kids a super exciting story to share when they go back to school on Monday! It even has a special toddler-friendly area!

There is a great variety of trampolines of all sizes here; some even have activities and games that are played within them. You can choose to just jump around during free-jump periods, or you can play dodgeball, basketball, or try out any other number of trampoline-based activities that they run! Do you have a family of night owls? Consider visiting iSaute at night to enjoy the super cool experience of jumping with the lights turned down, while lasers and black lights light up the space!

Give some of these family outings a try and let us know what you think! Do you have any other Laval Family Activities? We’d love to hear about them!

Until next time!

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